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I hope you are enjoying my new comic series: Deaf Reel so far. Well if you not…I sure am!! So much fun that I decided to develop my own Deaf Reel website to house my collection. This week Robin Deafhood has dropped his bow and arrow and is on a lecture tour of Nottingham to […]Continue Reading


Grab some popcorn and munchies to enjoy the humor of Deaf Reel in 3D!!!! Ok so I can’t really do my cartoons in 3D but wanted to jump on the 3D band wagon and give you guys something in 3’s. So how about 3 Deaf Reel cartoons? Since I will be in Vegas next week […]Continue Reading


Hi everyone, I am just having a ball coming up with these deaf movie posters. My mind is always in creative mode but I feel like it is in overdrive now. Plus I live in Hollywood land so I am exposed to BIG movie billboards which just fuel my creativity even more. I hope you […]Continue Reading


I am beyond thrilled to share with you all my great news. ZVRS is sponsoring me to attend the World Deaf Expo in Las Vegas this summer.I will be at their exhibition booth!! I will be representing ZVRS as a deaf cartoonist. I will be on hand to meet and great folks, do sketches of […]Continue Reading


Howdy! I hope you like the first Deaf Reel cartoon, ‘Shriek’ for “Shrek”. It is one in a series of deaf movie parodies. This has been a fun project because I love seeing movies and doing cartoons, what a great combination! Here’s the version of “Alice in Wonderland”… ummm, what a coincidence that there was […]Continue Reading