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I hope you enjoyed my new “Deaf Reel” website! I decided to spoof some classic movies that I really enjoy. King KoKo for King Kong movies and “The Sixth Sense”. I loved “The Sixth Sense” because it really hoodwinked me as well as kept me awake at night. I have a few new ideas […]Continue Reading


For those Rochesterians or for those who live nearby I am excited to announce my cartoon exhibit at the Ohringer Gallery gallery at NTID. The opportunity to have my cartoons in a gallery is a dream come true. When I was 12 and my mother took be to see a Gary Larson “The Far Side” […]Continue Reading


Whoa, it has been a while since I blogged … so many great things have happened. You may have noticed that MDaigle Toons/ Matt Daigle websites have been revamped. Although we are still working on the final details, we are getting very close to our final vision. It’s also been a busy summer. I have […]Continue Reading


“Deaf Reel” is celebrating its one year anniversary!! It is the perfect time to launch my new “Deaf Reel” website I am hoping this website will make your love of movies more enjoyable than rear view caption machines and limited caption viewing. No need for 3D glasses your 2D glasses will do just fine! […]Continue Reading


This Deaf Reel is for my son. He doesn’t really know about the Smurfs like I do. But I hope to take him to the movie soon. I grew up with these sweet, funny creatures. I wondered as a child if there was a deaf version. Now that I am a grown man and an […]Continue Reading