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After viewing a few movie trailers, I found the movie “Soul Kitchen” (August 2010) an independent film that is the perfect subject for my “Deaf Reel” parody. When I was traveling in Europe with my wife. We learned the french word for deaf – sourd. So the above parody translates into Deaf Kitchen. Like other […]Continue Reading


In the movie “Green Hornet”, their car, Black Beauty’s headlights have an icon of a green hornet.That concept gave me a great idea to use for my “Deaf Reel” parody. Its a known fact, that deaf people are sometimes called moths because when they are in dark spaces they gravitate towards the light. Perhaps someone […]Continue Reading


“True Grit” is another perfect title for my “Deaf Reel” parody. “True Biz” is an American Sign Language slang where we emphasize the concept of “honestly-I-swear-on-my-mother’s-grave” or “Stick-needle-in-my-eye-I-am-telling-the-truth!”. The only FIRST to FIFTH person who twitters me and tells me how I made this parody more DEAFafied (yes, I know that is not a word […]Continue Reading


Happy New Year to you all! Here’s a deaf parody movie called “Green Lantern”. Have you had experienced at some dining places where their lights were dimmed so dark and only a tiny candle lit the table? Most of the time these candles only gave off and slight glow not enough to sign by– for […]Continue Reading


Season Greetings! Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season. Please check out for some holiday cartoons! For all of my family, friends, and supporters a huge thank you for a wonderful year. Best, Matt Daigle blog.mdaigletoons.comContinue Reading