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Even though I haven’t seen that movie, “How Do I Know” is the perfect title for my “Deaf Reel” parody. How many times have I been asked “how do you sign ‘…’ in American Sign Language?” You fill in the blank but most of the time people want to know how to sign some form […]Continue Reading


I don’t care if this movie will be a flop or not, I am a loyal Tron fan! I remember during my early teens, when I saw that classic movie. I loved the idea of getting trapped in a video game world. Remember the Light Cycle racing? CHAMP! That movie made a huge impression on […]Continue Reading


Howdy! I hope you all having a fun holiday season. With so much shopping, preparing, and celebrating it is the perfect time to share some great news. My wife Kay and I have decided to join creative forces for my webcomic “That Deaf Guy” (TDG). Kay and I have always collaborated on this project. She […]Continue Reading


I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving week—I sure did. One of the highlights was seeing the movie “Tangled”. I already know the story of Rapunzel but I enjoyed the re-telling of this classic fairy tale, anyway. Of course Disney always has their own interpretation and added some fun characters like Pascal the Chameleon […]Continue Reading


This Thanksgiving I have a lot to be grateful for. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love and have a wife, son, mom, and dad, who support me and my love of cartooning. I am also appreciative for ZVRS and Relay who also believes in me and respects cartooning as […]Continue Reading