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Here’s a Halloween cartoon I created for my favorite clients in the whole world. ZVRS. Please share or tweet to your friends/families who are the Z-150 owners because they will enjoy this cartoon! Have a safe night trick and treating! ‘Til next time —MattContinue Reading


This parody came to mind when school began in the Fall. It cracked me up to think of a deaf mafia leader who had the power to require FULL access–including a private notetaker to assist him in conducting his criminal ventures. So to all you notetakers—a big hand wave to you. I am sure there […]Continue Reading


I know it has been awhile since my last blog. Some may have thought I departed from this earth but no worries, I am still among the living, even if I don’t look like it. For those of you who know me— I do look like death itself but that is because I have been […]Continue Reading


After I rented this movie, I had the inspiration for my Deaf Reel version. It makes me laugh. Most of my cartoons make me laugh because what would be the point if they didn’t? But this one REALLY makes me laugh. After defeating Medusa, the Kraken, The blind witches, and countless other mythological beast its […]Continue Reading


As my family and I were driving in West Hollywood the other day, we saw a way-over-the-top HUGE billboard for the movie “The Other Guys”. Hollywood is like that. When things are done here they are done in a BIG way. So I guess the Hollywood and Highland mall cop was taking his inspiration from […]Continue Reading