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It all ends on July 15, 2011. Harry Potter! My wife and I are big fans. We have talked many times how much we would love to have Harry’s power, money, and bravery. We loved the tales of magic and Harry and friends always trying to do the right thing. I couldn’t help but wonder […]Continue Reading


Even though I haven’t seen that movie, “How Do I Know” is the perfect title for my “Deaf Reel” parody. How many times have I been asked “how do you sign ‘…’ in American Sign Language?” You fill in the blank but most of the time people want to know how to sign some form […]Continue Reading


I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving week—I sure did. One of the highlights was seeing the movie “Tangled”. I already know the story of Rapunzel but I enjoyed the re-telling of this classic fairy tale, anyway. Of course Disney always has their own interpretation and added some fun characters like Pascal the Chameleon […]Continue Reading


A villain who can conquer the world is old school but one who can win a ASL storytelling contest hands-down (pun intended) is a villain to be feared. We Deafies love our ASL stories. We watch them in rapture and when these stories are spun poetically it can cause us to lower our defenses. ZAP! […]Continue Reading


Here’s a Halloween cartoon I created for my favorite clients in the whole world. ZVRS. Please share or tweet to your friends/families who are the Z-150 owners because they will enjoy this cartoon! Have a safe night trick and treating! ‘Til next time —MattContinue Reading