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Wouldn’t that be a groovy invention for a deaf surfer? The lifeguard could simply push a button to get the surfer’s attention! Surf’s up…’til next time—MattContinue Reading


Being a new father, I hoped my son learns how to sign “Daddy” before “Mommy” or “milk”. However, his first sign was “hat”! Still I am proud of my son knowing 50+ at 15 months old! So fire up your grill as a toast for all fathers by celebrating on Father’s Day (June 15)! “Til […]Continue Reading


Howdy All, Since I am a SIGNews Cartoonist, I develop both a single panel and full comic strip for their Humor section every month. I am thrilled to share all of these strips with you. This cartoon was inspired by my experience with road rage and road page. Both are equally dangerous! Ha! ‘Til next […]Continue Reading


Howdy all, As promised, a cartoon that clearly solves the PAV privacy issue. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such instant privacy? We can dream, can’t we? Of course, we CAN! ‘Til next time —MattContinue Reading


About updating “deaf” technology, it was wonderful to learn about Public Access Videophone (PAV), being installed in several places like airports. Ummm, I am not sure if I AM ready for videophoning in a open wide space! Coming soon… A better PAV privacy solution! Peace out!—Matt”Continue Reading