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I love it when I can sit and talk with other artists. This last week Chris Houghton and his wife Kassandra came to visit my family after exhibiting at the San Diego Comic Con. Chris and I have been email buddies since he saw the episode of “Antonio Treatment” last March that featured my family. […]Continue Reading


Ya know, in deaf culture, we are able to sign with one hand while holding a variety of things in the other. So I came up with this cartoon thinking about the different skill levels of a person using one-handed signing. I was wondering if anyone could come up with an even more challenging/dangerous thing […]Continue Reading


I want to say thank you to FCC! With the recent news that the FCC rate MAY be cut this statement may seem a bit strange. But I had to be careful not to react to this news with anger. I always think of my mother’s favorite saying “be loving”!! So I think the best […]Continue Reading


Happy Thursday! Wanna do something fun? Try to solve my Sudoku puzzle and email me the answers!! The first five people to send me the right answer — will get a FREE 8.5” x 11” M.Daigle cartoon print autographed! Good luck! ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


I’m counting down the days until the movie Iron Man 2 opens. I really enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to seeing the sequel with some more super villains. I love the idea of a beaming light in the chest of Iron Man… and how that may not be effective way to communicate […]Continue Reading