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Howdy y’all! Wacky Deaf Inventions is one of my favorite comic strips. I always had so much fun developing a wacky solution that breaks-down communication barriers. So, here’s one of my inventions, called “Communicaption”, a solution for a signer and a non-signer to communicate. Isn’t that a wacky idea? ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


I know this cartoon is not deaf related but it is my way of heralding in Spring. So bye-bye to snow land and rain for those of us who live in Southern California. Hello to sunshine and blossoms everywhere. My yard is so full of blossoms I feel like I live in a florist shop. […]Continue Reading


What a week with all the breakthrough news about launching the Apple product– iPad! I love the invention of the iPad and all that swiping n’ swooshing through pages of great stuff! However, I prefer to wait for a product from Apple that is accessible functionally for a deaf person like me. Like an installed […]Continue Reading


What an exciting busy month for me! Getting back to the blogging, new books in my store, new webcomic, “That Deaf Guy” and being on HGTV! I’m feel blessed and look forward to the future with my new adventures. Again, many thanks to all of you who sent me words of encouragement. I enjoy hearing […]Continue Reading


This cartoon is never been published and seen, so here it goes! In my opinion this kind of chart would be more accessible for deaf patients. I remembered when I was a kid, I had to say each letter and I always felt so awkward reading to my eye doctor when my first language was […]Continue Reading