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Just a fun way to get a deaf person’s attention! Enjoy your weekend! ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


Sometimes I wish restaurants could come up with a gesture like “this bag’s for you” instead of announcing over the intercom the order number again and again — only to discovery that order belongs to “That Deaf Guy”! ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


Before leaving the house, there are so many things to remember like your car keys, jacket, diaper bag, and of course your “lifeline”— your pager. Sometimes your priorities can be a little out of line when you are in a hurry. By the way, That Deaf Cartoonist (yours truly) will be at the SIGNews booth […]Continue Reading


Wow! Technology has really changed quickly over the past few years. Pagers have morphed from a bulky box worn on the waist to a slender lightweight gadget that you can slip into your pocket. One thing the technology wizards have NOT come up with is how to make a keypad that accommodates someone with big […]Continue Reading


Our primary source of communicating with the hearing world is via paper and pen. The celebration of Earth Day is coming and I wondered what will be an alternative choice in order to be more green. So here is what I came up with. ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading