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“One of Matt Daigle’s earliest drawings at age 5” Howdy my friends, I wanted to share my wonderful experience past weekend… I was invited to attend as a motivational speaker at a summer camp program for deaf and hard of hearing students who are in transitioning from high school to college. I had so much […]Continue Reading


Well, a lifelong dream has finally come true! I have always wanted to publish a humor book and now it has happened!! Not one but two books!!! YAHOOOO!I I had many folks who pre-ordered the books so I only have about 30 left. So if you are interested in one or both— please order today […]Continue Reading


Yep. My family and I will be on HGTV’s The “Antonio Treatment” show. The show is entitled “Sign for Design”, this episode with air on SUNDAY March 14th! Check your local listing for times. Here is the HGTV link for more information! We are a little nervous but exciting to see how we did! […]Continue Reading


Just when you thought I had made all the announcements possible in ones lifetime – I have yet another. I will soon have not one but TWO humor books: “In Deaf Culture…” and “Extreme Interpreting” will be available for pre-order at M.Daigle Toons Store. After countless requests I thought it time to give the masses […]Continue Reading


Finally! After years of contemplation, meditation, blood, sweat, and tears I have decided to start my own webcomic called “That Deaf Guy”, based on my life being deaf. Yeah, I know…its sorta a no-brainer but lots of brains, brawn, and humor – it has. I will post a new strip every Tuesday! Welcome to Desmond […]Continue Reading