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I hope you enjoyed my new “Deaf Reel” website! I decided to spoof some classic movies that I really enjoy. King KoKo for King Kong movies and “The Sixth Sense”. I loved “The Sixth Sense” because it really hoodwinked me as well as kept me awake at night. I have a few new ideas […]Continue Reading


This Deaf Reel is for my son. He doesn’t really know about the Smurfs like I do. But I hope to take him to the movie soon. I grew up with these sweet, funny creatures. I wondered as a child if there was a deaf version. Now that I am a grown man and an […]Continue Reading


I love this Deaf Reel Captain ASL parody! I created for all those people who were not allowed to ASL in the classroom. It makes me chuckle to think about those kids dutifully sitting around the table in speech class and wishing someone, anyone, will rescue them. BAM! CRASH! In bust Captain ASL who scares […]Continue Reading


My son Hayden – LOVES— I mean is OBSESSED with “Cars” the movie. He can not wait to see the newest version, “Cars 2” coming in June. We will see it at the El Captain Theater in Hollywood this summer. So in honor of his love of Cars and my one year anniversary of “Deaf […]Continue Reading


No, you are not having a deja vu. I am repeating the posting about “Green Lantern” in “Deaf Reel” because I actually was premature when I posted it in Jan. I had no idea that the opening of “Green Lantern” would be postponed until the summer. In my “Deaf Reel” version Green Lantern is a […]Continue Reading