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The Deaf Scream. Oh, the fond memories of college. I learned this technique from other deaf people. When you’re too lazy (I call it like I see it) to get a deaf person attention you do a guttural yell from deep in your gut. You would use your hands like a megaphone. and sure enough […]Continue Reading


For my Deaf Reel parody, I wonder what one would say after meeting a deaf King. I am sure you would be afraid that your ASL would not be worthy of his highness. It reminds me of the old ASL story about the deaf King who beheaded anyone who didn’t have perfect ASL storytelling skills. […]Continue Reading


What does the deaf community need the most in terms of facilitating communication? Interpreters! Of course. I am sure that Mars has a shortage of qualified interpreters just like the deaf community on Earth. For this hapless interpreter, not only has she been abducted, but she has no clue how to interpret ASL — Alien […]Continue Reading


My awesome friend Mikey, who loves my “Deaf Reel” humor, suggested this idea based on the recent horror movie called, “The Roommate”. During college, we all had horrifying experiences with our roommates. Nothing helps us define our boundaries like having a college roommate. I heard several college stories about a residence office accidentally placed a […]Continue Reading


One of the classic jokes in our deaf community is hearing people pronouncing “deaf” with a “th” like death. So when I heard about the movie “Death Race 2” being release on DVD, I came up with My “Deaf Reel” slant on the movie. The premise of the movie is incarcerated criminals racing to the […]Continue Reading