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After I rented this movie, I had the inspiration for my Deaf Reel version. It makes me laugh. Most of my cartoons make me laugh because what would be the point if they didn’t? But this one REALLY makes me laugh. After defeating Medusa, the Kraken, The blind witches, and countless other mythological beast its […]Continue Reading


As my family and I were driving in West Hollywood the other day, we saw a way-over-the-top HUGE billboard for the movie “The Other Guys”. Hollywood is like that. When things are done here they are done in a BIG way. So I guess the Hollywood and Highland mall cop was taking his inspiration from […]Continue Reading


Hey folks, Here is another a cartoon parody that represents the classic tale growing up deaf. I am sure many of us had the experience of feeling confused about our true identity. Especially when so many people were telling us what to do to become normal. Teachers, parents, therapists, doctors and even deaf people themselves […]Continue Reading


This is a perfect cartoon parody that represent the classic tale growing up deaf and having dinner with people who don’t use sign language. It’s never fun. We may even be tempted to call them Schmucks but we wouldn’t dare. Because after-all we love them or we wouldn’t be having dinner with them. So let […]Continue Reading


It’s summer. It’s hot. So it would make sense that there would be a hot summer movie that everyone is talking about. So here is my comic spin on the blockbuster movie, “Inception”. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking of the deaf version of this movie. The world could be in a dream state collapsing […]Continue Reading