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I hope you are enjoying my new comic series: Deaf Reel so far. Well if you not…I sure am!! So much fun that I decided to develop my own Deaf Reel website to house my collection. This week Robin Deafhood has dropped his bow and arrow and is on a lecture tour of Nottingham to […]Continue Reading


Grab some popcorn and munchies to enjoy the humor of Deaf Reel in 3D!!!! Ok so I can’t really do my cartoons in 3D but wanted to jump on the 3D band wagon and give you guys something in 3’s. So how about 3 Deaf Reel cartoons? Since I will be in Vegas next week […]Continue Reading


Hi everyone, I am just having a ball coming up with these deaf movie posters. My mind is always in creative mode but I feel like it is in overdrive now. Plus I live in Hollywood land so I am exposed to BIG movie billboards which just fuel my creativity even more. I hope you […]Continue Reading


Howdy! I hope you like the first Deaf Reel cartoon, ‘Shriek’ for “Shrek”. It is one in a series of deaf movie parodies. This has been a fun project because I love seeing movies and doing cartoons, what a great combination! Here’s the version of “Alice in Wonderland”… ummm, what a coincidence that there was […]Continue Reading


Hey there everyone, I know, it’s been awhile but I have been working on a new cartooning endeavor. As I was cruising an awesome captions movie search engine/website called CaptionFish, I had a stroke of deaf cartooning genius or so I think! I thought why not develop a deaf cartoon version of some well known […]Continue Reading