Grab some popcorn and munchies to enjoy the humor of Deaf Reel in 3D!!!! Ok so I can’t really do my cartoons in 3D but wanted to jump on the 3D band wagon and give you guys something in 3’s. So how about 3 Deaf Reel cartoons?
Since I will be in Vegas next week hanging with Relay the Dog at the ZVRS booth, I thought I would post 3 cartoons for you all to enjoy while I am gone. I hope you enjoy more play with the summer blockbuster series!!!

Don’t forget to come see me at the ZVRS booth during DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas and let me know what you think of Deaf Reel and That Deaf Guy comic strip!! Hope to see you there!!!

‘Til next time —Matt
“If you’re not laughing —you’re not living”! —K.O.D.