Ok. Well my eyes and brain are still reeling from so MUCH stimulation from attending last weeks DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas. As many of you may know I was sponsored by a very cool group of people at Zvrs. They bought and distributed for FREE over 400 of my “In Deaf Culture” and “Extreme Interpreting” humor books. I was on hand (pun intended) at the booth to draw Relay the Dog. I sketched Relay over 300 times!! It was fun to see peoples faces transform when from a blank piece of paper I was able to produce Relay the Dog in a matter of seconds. It was such a thrill for me to see their facial expressions start out as curious or skeptical to surprise and delight!! It made me think that perhaps they had never seen anyone do that before. Pretty cool, huh?

I have to really give a big humble – (gulp) – almost teary eyed, thanks to Zvrs for sponsoring me. They showed me such respect and welcomed me like family to their amazing booth at the Expo. Without their there support I never would have been able to expose my cartoons to so many people. Not only did Zvrs provide an unbelievable opportunity for me as an artist but they also provided an opportunity for so many people especially children to see that arts are alive in the deaf community. And that deaf cartoonist do exist. This kind of exposure helps our community grow and thrive. Again Thank you so much Zvrs. You guys truly are CHAMP!!

In closing, I believe the event did a lot for our community that it actually transformed it for the better. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives. I don’t think we can have too much fun so let’s keep the momentum going!! Life is suppose to be fun!!! That is why I am a cartoonist – it’s fun.

‘Til next time —Matt