I love it when I can sit and talk with other artists. This last week Chris Houghton and his wife Kassandra came to visit my family after exhibiting at the San Diego Comic Con. Chris and I have been email buddies since he saw the episode of “Antonio Treatment” last March that featured my family. To say that Chris and his wife are talented is an understatement. They are freaking talented.

Chris and Kassandra have an impressive body of work for as young as they are. My wife and I felt so inspired by their positive energy, confidence, and ambition. Even though they are WOW blow-you-away-talented, they did not convey even the slightest bit of arrogance.
Very cool. Nothing is better than hanging with talented people who are also grounded.

Do yourself a favor and check out Chris and his brother Shane’s Comic Reed Gunther. You will quickly see how these two young men are rising stars in the comic world. Enjoy!

‘Til next time —Matt