It’s summer. It’s hot. So it would make sense that there would be a hot summer movie that everyone is talking about. So here is my comic spin on the blockbuster movie, “Inception”. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking of the deaf version of this movie. The world could be in a dream state collapsing and that would not concern us as much as not having enough signal strength to send a text message. Argghhh!— now that’s a nightmare.

Thank goodness for technology. Nowadays we panic if ANYTHING happens to our wireless devices but I can remember clearly the day when we had clunky TTYs and we were so grateful to have them!!! So as the dog days of summer wind down enjoy the wonderful technology we have in the year 2010. I know when I am playing Texas Hold’em Poker on my Blackberry the world could transform around me into a mind blowing maze of confusion and I wouldn’t even notice.

‘Til next time —Matt
“If you’re not laughing —you’re not living”! —K.O.D.