Hey folks,

Here is another a cartoon parody that represents the classic tale growing up deaf. I am sure many of us had the experience of feeling confused about our true identity. Especially when so many people were telling us what to do to become normal. Teachers, parents, therapists, doctors and even deaf people themselves told us to do this or that or wear this or that. It was never fun being toyed with in that way.

So I couldn’t help think that Mr. Potato Head must feel our pain. Talk about not having an identity. One minute he has ear on top of his head and the next, an eye coming out of his mouth. Poor spud!!

So let this Deaf Reel serve as some comic relief for the many times we felt frustration about everyone trying to make us “normal”. After all what is normal anyway? I am sure no one could even say. Especially Mr. Potato Head.

‘Til next time —Matt