When I saw the advertisement for the movie “Babies” I knew this was going to be a fascinating movie. I loved the idea of filming babies from birth to one year and show how they are raised in four different cultures, on four continents.

Witnessing such vast differences in cultures and how these families approached child-rearing made me think about Deaf babies and what MAY happen to them from birth to one year. As you can see, from my parody, Deaf babies may have their own very unique experiences. More than likely, there are not allowed to just be babies because everyone is scrambling to fix a perceived hearing “problem”. What do we do with our Deaf babies? Its been controversial debate that has been going on for years. But after watching “Babies” I can’t help but think that children develop perfectly fine without our help. That is, if we just allow them to be curious, explore, and experience the natural consequences of life. I think it is our jobs as parents to allow our babies to take the lead. We follow, we mentor, we guide, we ask “what do you think?” and we wait for an answer, even if they can’t sign or talk just yet. For me, I think my best parenting skill is staying out of my son’s way. I think he likes it when I do that. I think it is good for both of us.

So with that being said, my son is tapping me on the arm to play with him in his room. So off I go!!

‘Til next time —Matt