Going… Going… Gone! Yep, my first run of “Adventures in Deaf Culture” and “Extreme Interpreting”! are SOLD OUT.

I want to sign “THANK YOU” to all of the people who rushed to one by. It was great “meeting” so many people from all over the USA. Your purchase helped support a life long dream to create and publish my own cartoon books.

So now we start again! If you would like to order my books and don’t mind the pre-order process (I wait until I have enough orders to send in another order to the printing company) then you will be awarded for your patiences. I will send you a free autographed “In Deaf Culture” print. So order NOW. The more orders I get the faster the turn around. Hint Hint–the Holidays are coming soon!! What a perfect gift!! A great stocking stuffer!! Unique and fun as party favors!! The gifting ideas are endless.

So ok..there is my sales pitch. Now back to how wonderful my readers are! Thank you all again for your support. without all of you my dream of publishing a humor book would still just be a dream. Now hundreds of people are enjoying my books from every walk of life. That is awesome. True Biz!

‘Til next time —Matt