Howdy! I hope you all having a fun holiday season. With so much shopping, preparing, and celebrating it is the perfect time to share some great news. My wife Kay and I have decided to join creative forces for my webcomic “That Deaf Guy” (TDG). Kay and I have always collaborated on this project. She has always been my ghost writer but now she is officially a co-creator of “That Deaf guy”. You will see her name accompanying mine at the top of the strip. I draw and color the strip, Kay and collaborate on the story and Hayden, (our son) gives us plenty of funny story lines to fuel our creativity. So it is truly “all in the family.”

Another bit of news to share. Very shortly you will be able to enjoy that TDG in technicolor! Kay and I decided that we really enjoyed seeing these characters coming to life on the page in full color. Before the end of the year, you also see some changes at the TDG website. As the year comes to a close we felt it was time to make some improvements and ring in the new year in with style. I hope while you are on holiday you will check my websites and enjoy our gift to you —laughter! See a new comic strip of TDG –

Wishing you the best holidays!!
‘Til next time —Matt