I don’t care if this movie will be a flop or not, I am a loyal Tron fan! I remember during my early teens, when I saw that classic movie. I loved the idea of getting trapped in a video game world. Remember the Light Cycle racing? CHAMP! That movie made a huge impression on me and I never forgot it. I am excited to see the new Tron movie and see what Hollywood came up with.

For my “Deaf Reel” spoof, I came up with a pretty funny take on the classic film. I thought of the “Old School” TTY that use to be the top of the line technology in its time. The shape, the screen with the block style lettering is reminiscent of several movie elements especially the “recognizer”. Like the movie Tron, the TTY is our legacy in the deaf community. A legacy that we all hold near and dear to our hearts even if it is in our closet gathering dust.

‘Til next time —Matt