After DeafRead blossomed in the blog world, I promised myself to create a blog… oh boy, that was not easy for a guy juggling his duties as a father of a two year old, a freelancing graphic designer and a deaf cartoonist! So now, PAH! Welcome to my first blog —That Deaf Cartoonist! 

This blog will feature randomly selected old and new cartoons, deaf-related humor and generic humor that comes into my head. Some will be a single panel and some will be a full comic strip. I may include some sketch work or graphic design work or like winning the international breastfeeding icon. 

If you want more cartoons? Check out my cartoon website at where I feature cartoons monthly. Or if you’re thinking about a logo design for your business or need illustration work, please check my freelance graphic design website,  and my portfolio is at

If there is a cartoon that you are interested in to use for your newsletter or book, then please contact me for permission. All images/cartoons/artwork are copyrighted ©Matt Daigle & Matt Daigle Etc. unless otherwise noted. 

See ya later! —Matt