Whoa, it has been a while since I blogged … so many great things have happened.

You may have noticed that MDaigle Toons/ Matt Daigle websites have been revamped. Although we are still working on the final details, we are getting very close to our final vision.

It’s also been a busy summer. I have traveled the country giving workshops about being a deaf cartoonist. I met some great people in Maryland, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. I will soon be off to hang with the deaf and hard of hearing teens in Dallas. I am really looking forward to it.

With all the traveling, I was still doing my graphic design job, so eventually something had to give. “That Deaf Guy” saw a dry spell but, as promised, will be up and running again soon.

And if my plate wasn’t full enough, I have been developing my novelty T-shirt business, Handsay with my partner Brandon Hill. All of this work has been overwhelming but very gratifying.

Then this Friday, on my 40th (gulp) birthday my family and I are attending my alma mater university for an award presentation. I am proud to say that I was nominated and won the G.O.L.D. (Graduates Of the Last Decade) award by the NSU Alumni Association at Northern State University in Aberdeen SD. It is the nicest birthday gift to receive an award and then the following day ride in the Homecoming parade with our son who will be celebrating his 6th birthday.

When I get back to California, I’ll be happy to get back to work on “That Deaf Guy” Thank you for emails, compliments, words of support and your patience concerning the strip! Right now, I am working on how to make a real living out of making webcomics, so while I do that “figuring out” part, please buy my humor books and Handsay t-shirts. Hint, hint holidays are comin’ and they are great for gifts exchanges! 🙂

Check out the new revamped websites:

‘Til next time —Matt