Sorry about not blogging in awhile. I have to admit as much as I was resistant to the idea of Facebook I like it so much better. I get to have conversations with people who are enjoying “That Deaf Guy”. So come and visit us and share in the conversations at

Two weeks ago, my wife and I went to Las Vegas for a cartooning seminar. Since we attended a similar seminar two years ago we ran into old and new friends such as Chad Carpenter – “Tundra” , Brian Crane – “Pickles” and Michael Jantze – “Norm”!! But the highlight for us, was meeting one of our most favorite cartoonists, Danielle Corsetto – “Girls with Slingshots” (GSW) Her webcomic is at Her presentation was worth every penny paid for the conference. When it comes to Webcomics she is a powerhouse and we were able to learn a lot about her model so we can apply it to “That Deaf Guy”.

On Monday, Danielle mentioned “That Deaf Guy” webcomic in her blog. Danielle has a HUGE readership and to be mentioned by her is like making it to the cover of People Magazine. So many people hit our website that it actually crashed from all the traffic. What a great problem to have! We had over 37,000 hits. Our celebrating was short lived as we scrambled to get our website working again. We were so grateful to all the people who contacted us to tell us our website was not working. Luckily, they were able to view a few cartoons before the got an error 500 message. We spent the better part of today replying to emails thanking all of those amazing GWS fans for their support.

We were amazed by all the (mostly hearing) GWS fans and how they felt inspired and enriched by our cartoons. We received email after email about how they loved learning about Deaf Culture through our comic. Kay and I felt so honored and we have always known that we were “on to a go thing”. We love our comic “That Deaf Guy” and the more we do it–the better it gets. I guess that is the way most things are in life.

‘Til next time—Matt (and Kay)