I am not sure if this is a happy or sad celebration but my humor books: “Adventures In Deaf Culture” and “Extreme Interpreting” are SOLD OUT! So a big thank you to all the people who bought the books over the past two years. It means a lot to me! It is a great feeling to have your work in print. I am very proud of this books because I think they are funny and are a great snapshot of our culture told through cartoons. Someday someone will bring it into the Antique Road Show and get it appraised from $15 to $450,000!

Lately, Kay and I had been overwhelmed with emails from fans who love “That Deaf Guy” webcomic!! I am always happy to hear from people. It makes us feel what we do is important to people because it is very important to us. So this year, Kay and I will be working on book #3 which will include most of “That Deaf Guy” webcomic strips.

Thanks again for all your support over the years.
‘Til next time—Matt (and Kay)