“One of Matt Daigle’s earliest drawings at age 5” Howdy my friends, I wanted to share my wonderful experience past weekend… I was invited to attend as a motivational speaker at a summer camp program for deaf and hard of hearing students who are in transitioning from high school to college. I had so much […]Continue Reading


Hey there everyone, I know, it’s been awhile but I have been working on a new cartooning endeavor. As I was cruising an awesome captions movie search engine/website called CaptionFish, I had a stroke of deaf cartooning genius or so I think! I thought why not develop a deaf cartoon version of some well known […]Continue Reading


Ya know, in deaf culture, we are able to sign with one hand while holding a variety of things in the other. So I came up with this cartoon thinking about the different skill levels of a person using one-handed signing. I was wondering if anyone could come up with an even more challenging/dangerous thing […]Continue Reading


Well, a lifelong dream has finally come true! I have always wanted to publish a humor book and now it has happened!! Not one but two books!!! YAHOOOO!I I had many folks who pre-ordered the books so I only have about 30 left. So if you are interested in one or both— please order today […]Continue Reading


I want to say thank you to FCC! With the recent news that the FCC rate MAY be cut this statement may seem a bit strange. But I had to be careful not to react to this news with anger. I always think of my mother’s favorite saying “be loving”!! So I think the best […]Continue Reading