Just when you thought I had made all the announcements possible in ones lifetime – I have yet another. I will soon have not one but TWO humor books: “In Deaf Culture…” and “Extreme Interpreting” will be available for pre-order at M.Daigle Toons Store. After countless requests I thought it time to give the masses […]Continue Reading


Finally! After years of contemplation, meditation, blood, sweat, and tears I have decided to start my own webcomic called “That Deaf Guy”, based on my life being deaf. Yeah, I know…its sorta a no-brainer but lots of brains, brawn, and humor – it has. I will post a new strip every Tuesday! Welcome to Desmond […]Continue Reading


Howdy to you all! Thank you for your kind words and supportive emails! Also a big thanks for continuing to check out what’s going on at M.Daigle Toons website and That Deaf Cartoonist blog. You guys are champ!! Thank you Clerc Scar for posting my cartoons during the transition to upgrading my websites. Now all […]Continue Reading


This is cartoon is something I stretched beyond my imagination– using a videophone when standing up instead of placing it on the table. After I drew it, I realized that a remote control is a quick solution. But then I thought Deaf people don’t need a superhero belt that holds several gadgets like wireless devices, […]Continue Reading


Oh boy, summer is here and a lot of family/friends reunions to attend! This cool invention may help you to understand when the non-signers talking about their exciting news! ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading