This was an editorial cartoon published in SIGNews, April 2009 issue. After learning about a campaign for a new president at Gallaudet, I came up with an idea, merging with the American Gladiators TV show along with the presidential candidates. Wishing them luck! ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


Don’t let your pager control your life even when you think they are the most dependable device that runs your daily basis. House always wins. ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


Here are a couple of comic strips that were published in SIGNews. ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


Imagine that happening!? How embarrassing! But really I would prefer someone texting me instead of just walking up to me and pointing at my pants. It’s much less embarrassing. I hope someone is kind enough to text me the next time I have toilet paper on my shoe or spinach in my teeth. ‘Til next […]Continue Reading


Video Relay Services (VRS) bridges the communication gap between the deaf and hearing world. Sometimes I wonder about the VI agent’s. What do their surroundings looks like? The other side that we as deaf and hearing consumers do not see. Here is what my imagination came up with… yep, those are bunny slippers! ‘Til next […]Continue Reading