Our primary source of communicating with the hearing world is via paper and pen. The celebration of Earth Day is coming and I wondered what will be an alternative choice in order to be more green. So here is what I came up with. ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


This was my editorial cartoon printed in SIGNews (Feb ‘09 Issue). I created this political cartoon, after hearing the news about many state budget cuts resulting in closing schools for the deaf. It saddens me to witness deaf children’s education being negatively impacted by these cuts. Not only do these cuts hurt deaf children they […]Continue Reading


After seeing all the reruns of Jurassic Park movies, I was in a silly mood and wanted to develop a cartoon that goes with “That Deaf Guy” and a T.Rex. Ummm, what a coincidence to get a page and meet a T Rex! ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


After digging out all the boxes in basement, I found my early cartoons from my high school years! This cartoon was related to an article about how “Money doesn’t grow on trees” in my high school newspaper. Oh my! Check out the classic late-80’s style: Ray Bans shades, spiky haircut, collar up shirt and converse […]Continue Reading