It is amazing to see how technology has evolved so rapidly the past 40 years. I remember when the caption decoder was invented and the big black box on top of my TV which provided the captioning. I’ll never forget when that box was no longer needed and all TV’s were built with the captioning […]Continue Reading


I was thinking about receiving a scrambled message on my pager and what it could possibly mean. I imagined what could be the worst case scenario? This is what I came up with! How nice it is to have this kind of wireless device to help us if we are all “tied up”! ‘Til next […]Continue Reading


Howdy! Here’s another wacky invention that was published in SIGNews. Let me know if you do enjoy this concept of comic strip. Send me an email at email@mattdaigle.com. Your feedback will be appreciated! ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


Howdy fans! I want to share my comic strip series that was published in SIGNews last year. Check out the first wacky deaf invention by the Wacky Professor “D”! ‘Til next time—MattContinue Reading


Raising a KODA is always fun and sometimes a challenge. No matter how many times I tell my son that being profoundly deaf means I can’t hear at all – he still doesn’t seem to understand it. But then again he is only three years old. Although many times I see him screaming, singing, and […]Continue Reading