About updating “deaf” technology, it was wonderful to learn about Public Access Videophone (PAV), being installed in several places like airports. Ummm, I am not sure if I AM ready for videophoning in a open wide space! Coming soon… A better PAV privacy solution! Peace out!—Matt”Continue Reading


Howdy World, here’s the second humor as I promised from the previous blog about “HandTalk” gloves. Have a good weekend! —MattContinue Reading


See this LINK to read about an article related to “HandTalk” gloves. I have always marveled at the advances of technology but I doubt such gloves could accurately interpret ASL. Regardless, I created a couple of comics about using such gloves to communicate. Those gloves are pretty attractive, huh? The second comic will post up […]Continue Reading



After DeafRead blossomed in the blog world, I promised myself to create a blog… oh boy, that was not easy for a guy juggling his duties as a father of a two year old, a freelancing graphic designer and a deaf cartoonist! So now, PAH! Welcome to my first blog —That Deaf Cartoonist!  This blog will feature randomly […]Continue Reading