One of my favorite all time animated films is Kung Fu Panda. I really related to Po’s struggle with his identity and his journey of self-discovery. I am also a fan of the Austin Andrews in the You Tube: Deaf Ninja: Origin. If you have never seen it, google that title. I loved the idea […]Continue Reading


Finally Jack Sparrow is ashore and all he wants is a drink. Unfortunately, he has landed at Martha’s Vineyard. He must sign his order or go dry. God speed Jack Sparrow. It is a well known fact that In the 1800’s Martha’s Vineyard town folk (both deaf and hearing) used Sign Language since a large […]Continue Reading


Hammer Time! Ok, not M.C. Hammer (although that would be very interesting) but Thor and his magical hammer v.s.Mark The Hammer” Hamill. I wonder which one would win? Why not you tell me? Tweet why you think so and my wife, 5 year old son and I will vote on the most creative reason. The […]Continue Reading


The Fast and Furious movie has become a franchise. We are now at number 5. I couldn’t help but think what would be the deaf culture equivalent and this is what I came up with. Instead of racing cars for “pinks”, a deaf person would fingerspell furiously for one. I am sure you have met […]Continue Reading


The Deaf Scream. Oh, the fond memories of college. I learned this technique from other deaf people. When you’re too lazy (I call it like I see it) to get a deaf person attention you do a guttural yell from deep in your gut. You would use your hands like a megaphone. and sure enough […]Continue Reading