The movie entitled The King’s Speech could not go untouched by this artist. I had to use it as a parody. I mean, after all, the word speech is the title. What if a King with a speech impediment used Cued Speech in order for people to understand him? Of course everyone in his “Kingdom” […]Continue Reading


Another Alien movie? I guess Hollywood never gets tired of making movies about little green men, big ugly monster bugs, or the sky falling in. So with Skyline I couldn’t help thinking about the newest communication fad-Skype. I figured more people are inside on their computers than running around outside looking at the Skyline – […]Continue Reading


A villain who can conquer the world is old school but one who can win a ASL storytelling contest hands-down (pun intended) is a villain to be feared. We Deafies love our ASL stories. We watch them in rapture and when these stories are spun poetically it can cause us to lower our defenses. ZAP! […]Continue Reading


Going… Going… Gone! Yep, my first run of “Adventures in Deaf Culture” and “Extreme Interpreting”! are SOLD OUT. I want to sign “THANK YOU” to all of the people who rushed to one by. It was great “meeting” so many people from all over the USA. Your purchase helped support a life long dream to […]Continue Reading


When I saw the advertisement for the movie “Babies” I knew this was going to be a fascinating movie. I loved the idea of filming babies from birth to one year and show how they are raised in four different cultures, on four continents. Witnessing such vast differences in cultures and how these families approached […]Continue Reading